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From soliloquii, Tales From Retail:

I work in a small retail store from hell in a high end mall.

We carry many brands of bags, one brand we will call “T”

Mind you, in this mall, there is also the main store for the brand “T” where they carry more products from that brand. They are our competition since they are the main store.

On Sundays we close at 6:00 PM. This loud woman (LW) and her husband walk in at 5:50. Guess who is going home late again...

She grabs a backpack.

LW: How much is this T backpack? I want to buy it for my husband.

Me: Well it is usually [price] however the store is offering a small 10% discount because of Mother’s Day.”

LW: Only 10% off? That’s it? well the store T is offering more than that! They are doing a 15% off!”

Me: That’s not possible since we carry the same exact brand and we have the same prices. Plus the brand notifies us whenever there will be a sale”

LW: (changes her story) Actually no, not T store, I saw this same exact backpack in another store downtown! The lady offered me 15% off !!

ME: .... what store is it?


Me: .... ok ...maybe it’s a different model.. I scan the bag and add our 10% discount

Me: ok so it will be [price] plus tax.

LW: You’re not going to give me a discount??

Me: Sorry, the discount offered is 10%

LW: But the lady downtown offered me a 15% off! Can’t you call the owner so he can give me an additional 5%? Call him. Call him because the customer is always right! (Calling the owner is a no since he hates to be called over things we already know)

Me: I can’t call the owner. He let us know yesterday that we are allowed to give a 10% off discount maximum in any store item. No more than that.

LW: But the woman downtown showed me in her screen that the system lets her give her a 15%! Can’t you do that?

Me: You’re right, I can put in whatever discount in the system. I can put in 15% or even a 20% but the owner strictly said 10% only...’T’ store isn’t even doing any discount at all.

LW: Well the owner should offer more than that..

Me: .... (I choose not to respond and ignore her at this point to avoid escalating the situation)

LW’s husband then tells me it’s fine and that he’ll pay for the bag

He hands me his card and then he politely asks me to monogram the bag. I monogram it. LW just pulls out her phone and tries to find the bag cheaper I assumed however she didn’t find anything. The husband is happy with his bag and thanks me. They both exit the store.

I ended up leaving at 6:30.. however, we are commissioned and it was an expensive bag he purchased so it’s whatever..







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