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From  emilymckenziee, Tales From Retail:

I manage a floral shop that is owned by a larger company. We sell bouquets that come in pre-wrapped in seasonal colors and different varieties of flowers. We also sell stems individually, but it's usually more expensive to buy them per stem. I had a middle-age man come in looking for a bouquet for his girlfriend.

Man: I want this bouquet, but it doesn't have yellow roses.

Me: I can add yellow roses, no problem. How many would you like? They are $1.99 each.

Man: But that bouquet has yellow roses... ( he points to another bouquet that is the same price, but made up of different flowers).

Me: Right, but this bouquet ( pointing to the one he intended to buy) has different flowers in it. They are the same price, but have different flowers in them. I can add yellow roses to your bouquet and remove some of the other flowers so it will still be $20.

Man: No, I want the bouquet as is, but I want yellow roses. Can you just remove them from that bouquet without charging me?

Me: No, I can't do that. I can add roses to your bouquet, that's no problem. But, I would still have to charge you.

Man: Just take them out of that other bouquet. But the bouquet back in your case. No one will know that one had roses in it.

Me: ( chuckling) I can't do that. I would shorting another customer.

Man: So?

Me: ...yeah. no. I'm sorry. That's just not professional.

This guy argued with me for 10 minutes. Why do people act like this?!

-- emilymckenziee






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