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Dumbass Customers: Can you get a new bag?



From SenpaiJimbo, Tales From Retail:

I work at a grocery store, nothing special. I'm a packer (I bag groceries for people).

One day when I was bagging groceries, minding my own business, the register next to me asked me to get a new bag of oranges for this lady. These are the bags of oranges that are pre-packaged.

No problem, I went to get a new bag, yet the interesting thing about this is that this lady picked a bag with only one, single orange inside which was rotten (which is why I had to replace it,).

I was so amazed at the idiocy and lack of awareness in this woman, I laughed to myself and was almost angered by the fact that I had to waste my time to pay for someone else's stupidity.









I'm not seeing the issue so much. If just one orange was bad, it is quite easy for a customer to just glance at the bag and see it looks good and then not notice until putting it on the belt. Or even the customer doesn't notice at all, but the cashier is nice and competent and goes "Oh, it looks like this bag has a bad one in it. Let's get you a different bag." That keeps the customer from wasting their time taking home a bad bag of oranges or bringing it back. Basic customer service. If taking less than 5 mins to run to produce to do part of your job angers you, then you might consider switching careers.


Oh, I read it as the bag literally only had a single orange in it. Like the lady was so completely clueless she managed to grab the one busted bag that managed to hold on to one orange that happened to be rotten out of a pile of pre-packaged five-pound bags and didn't notice.

Kai Lowell

That's how I read it too, Carhop.

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