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From BigTits_MaGee, Tales From Retail:

So I work the night shift for a big box retailer. Have worked there for 10 years now. Last night I was helping stock the toy department. As I’m putting the new freight in the aisles to be stocked, I’m stopped by a customer asking me to check the price on a vacuum.

I don’t have a scanner on me, but luckily I’m standing in the aisle next to the big price checker we have. I tell her it’s in the next aisle and point to it. She walks off and I resume my downstacking. About a minute later, she walks out of the aisle on the OTHER side of the price checker and asks me where it is. Luckily this time I’m in the main action alley directly in front of the aisle containing aforementioned price checker.

I tell her it’s directly in front of me and point right to it (it’s about 10 feet away). She stares at me blankly and asks where again. AGAIN I say it’s right here and I even turn my body while pointing and take a few steps into the aisle. She still just stands there staring at me.

At this point I’m just staring at her like wtf and have to bite my tongue to keep from saying “are you stupid or just fucking with me?”

Instead I just bluntly say “It’s right here in front of me” and again gesture to the price checker on the giant pole with the huge “Can’t find a price?” sign directly above it that’s hard to miss.

I guess the 2 brain cells left in her head rub together and she finally sees it.

In hindsight I guess I should have taken her hand and walked her to it in perfect retail fashion, but damn the giant thing was within 10 feet of us during every interaction and I made it pretty clear where it was.

Retail for life.






Misty Meanor

I sometimes wonder if customers are that stupid on purpose.


It's obvious that she had never encountered, seen, or used a price checker before. How hard could it have been for you to just walk her over to it in the first place and show her how to use it?


It's also very possible this customer was visually impaired.


Can we please not second guess these stories? This is a place for us to rant about idiots. I have had this exact thing happen to me on a daily basis with our card machine, the contactless payment is on the side which is unusual and is a little surprising to the customers. That isn't the stupid part. The stupid part is when people can't follow a simple instruction to use the side of the reader, including my hand indicating where it is. Then point where it is. Then tapping the exact spot where they have to hold the card. SEVERAL times.

People are often stupid. This is a place where we rant about it. If you want to second guess what happened go over to reddit.

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