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From GoldMidnight, Tales From Retail:

I thought I'd go ahead and post this short but not-so-sweet story from yesterday, when I was cashiering out in the garden center. My store has a booth for two of the garden registers, and on the main side there's a little open cabinet type thing with cardboard boxes to hold your plants in so they don't spill in the car or whatever. I was on the side that didn't have boxes at this point in time. I'll be me, and the customer will be C.

My coworker was ringing up C and I was putting a guy's payment through when C flagged me down, completely ignoring my coworker.

C: "I want boxes for my tomato plants."

Me: "Oh, we have some just over there." She was about four steps away from the boxes, literally.

C: "I have to get them myself? It's self-serve?"

Me: "Yeah, you can choose which boxes you want that way."

C took a couple of steps before turning back to me with a huffy look on her face: "No, it's your job to do it for me, so you get them!"

I stared at her for a moment since she was two steps away from the boxes and way closer than I was.

Me: "I'm with a customer right now, but once I'm done I'll help you." Cue bright retail smile.

C glared at me and ended up getting her own damn boxes. My customer's receipt printed out two seconds later, and I kept an eye on C and my coworker to make sure C wasn't giving her a hard time. We're more than happy to get polite customers boxes for their plants, most people honestly just prefer to pick their boxes themselves.

TL;DR: Customer wanted me to get boxes for her tomato plants even though she was closer than I was, and I was with a customer.







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