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From biffybeefa Tales From Retail:

I work in a big department store, mostly clothes but homeware and makeup and such. Today, Saturday, was the busiest day in a while so the whole shop of manic.

I was on tills today, and had this woman come up in a stress because she couldn't find the right leggings. I offered other ones that we had but "they weren't the same material" though they were basically the same, just the ones she had picked up were an older style and had been there longer than the new ones.

Anyways, she really needed these leggings so I went off to find them. I couldn't find the exact ones, as I wasn't used to this department, so went to find one of the girls that did. The two of us are obviously busy trying to find them when this old woman walks into my path and stares me down.

Woman "I want a blouse, with a collar...I was sent over to find one of you people."

At this point, I've already been away from the till for a good five minutes.

Me "Sorry, I'm just helping somebody at the moment but..."

Woman "Oh well fine, don't even bother, I'll find somebody that will actually help me."

Me "The blouses are over there" I point, as she goes off giving out to herself.

I went back to the woman without the leggings, which she wasn't happy about either, so ended up having two people annoyed at me not even an hour into my 8 hour shift.

Tl;Dr: Pissed off a woman because I was in the middle of helping somebody else.









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