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From  RetroSpelunker, Tales From Retail:

A little background, I work at a retro game store, but we also sell used newer consoles as well, like Xbones, PS4s and such. Our policies are pretty strict as far as returns go. We have a no cash back policy, but an in store credit return if the product is defective. And if it is, then we replace the product. Its at the bottom of the receipt, and we also have signs up at each register. It’s not TOO terrible, but if you plan on buying anything bigger you should do some research and financial planning.

Queue in dumbass of the day. He decides to buy an Xbox one. Wonderful, it’s in the box still and everything. I go over the warranty with him but I can tell he just wants to leave. Might I also mention I could smell a hint of the devils lettuce on him and there was also a cop browsing our wares. But, as a faithful manager and employee, I explain our policies and everything. No cash back, blah blah blah.

Skip a few hours later and he comes back. Wants his cash back. I informed him that like I had stated earlier we had a no cash back policy. DA = Dumbass M = Me

DA: Are you fucking for real?

M: Yes, I understand that it’s frustrating, however I cannot do a cash return.

DA: If I would have known I wouldn’t have bought the fucking thing, I need cash.

M: I apologize, the only thing I can do is just buy it in normally, but unfortunately I can’t refund the cash.

DA: Okay, how much would that be.

M: $74.

DA: Proceeds to bitch for about two minutes Y’all shouldn’t be fucking allowed to do that, why can’t you just give me what’s on the sticker?

M: I’m sorry sir, we can’t do cash refunds, it’s just against our store policy. If you’d like, there is a couple of apps that you can sell this on and get more.

DA: I need cash now though.

M: This is all I can offer and I’m sorry.

DA: Fine whatever, fuck it.

He mumbled about stuff while I took the system back, unwrapped and smelled like straight up weed. (Yes it was the same system, we shrink wrap our systems and it was indeed still wrapped.)

Dude ended up paying $240 for a system and sold it right back to us for $74 and lost around $160 because he doesn’t know how to budget. Not our fault.

I know our policy sucks, but if you aren’t 100% financial stable you shouldn't make a big purchase like that. :|

-- RetroSpelunker





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