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Tales From The Front Desk: "I've Waited For 6 Hours To Check In."


3 hotel jason bellhopFrom oppzorro, Tales From The Front Desk

This has happened yesterday after a busy week and a sold out night.

A guest arrived around 9am when clearly check in time is 3pm. As it is stated literally everywhere. I also told her this on arrival. Also stated that if I am able to get you into a room before 2:30 there would be an additional early check in fee. She was fine with that.

Due to being sold out and over 40 check outs in our 51 room facility and only 3 housekeepers and some maintenance issues, check in would be closer to 3pm, (which btw, I am stickler for this rule. Check in time is check in time.) I informed her that I would happily hold her luggage for her at no charge and she should enjoy this awesome SF day! Not even one hour later she came back and here is what happened.

Lady: 10:44am "is our room ready yet?"

Me: "It hasn't even been an hour since you were here and as I stated before we will have a room closer to our check in time at 3pm"

Lady: "okay then. May I sit in the lobby?"

Me: "Sure."

She decides to sit down and her 3 kids come in from outside..she whispers something in each of the children's ears and suddenly the kids start running wild all over the place. this went on for about 20 minutes before I said the following:

Me: "I'm sorry, but your children are trying to come behind the desk, making a mess in our coffee area and just being too wild in this small lobby."

Her: "Get me in a room and I will make them stop."

Me: "I told you before, I don't have any rooms at the moment."

Her: "Then I guess you have to deal with it until you get me into a room."

Carolanne fuck you1Me: "No, actually I don't. Here is a discount coupon for a restaurant if you would like to go get some food. Drop back by when you are done and I will see if I have a room available for you."

I didn't think that would work, but it did! She left... It was 2:55 pm when she came in the door and I am getting my belongings to leave, I had just changed out of my work shirt and I hear the following from the back room to the staff member who had relieved me.

Her: "Um...We have been here for 6 hours trying to check in. You need to comp my room for the night since we waited so long."

It was at this moment I stepped out and the look on her face was guilt.

Me: "You arrived on the property at 9am. I then told you that you wouldn't be able to get in your room until 3pm. It is 2:55pm and again our check in time is 3pm. According to us you have not waited. As a matter of fact you are getting in your room 5 minutes early."

She got a shocked look on her face.

Her: "But I was here at 9am."

Me: "Exactly, but again, check in time is 3pm. Any earlier than that it's on you and you are not getting a comped night because you chose to show up 6 hours early. That is all on you and not on the hotel."

I stayed while the next shift checked her in. She quietly went to her room. This morning she checked out before 7am when I arrived and left us a 4 star rating on Yuckspedia. Seems she just needed someone to put her in place, which I love to do.

Funny thing is, people have tried this before and every time, I tell them like it is.



The irony is strong with this one



From Nic:

Part two of adventures at the grocery outlet store: a home sperm count test, if you are “Trying to get PREGNANT?” (I didn’t even know a home test for this existed. How do you even ask your spouse to do this?) I’m glad it specifies that it’s a home test for men, considering it asks if one is trying to get pregnant, which generally presumes a lack of self-insemination in humans.




Monstrous Customers: "I need to go get my mom's opinion"



From  yourgirlalex, Tales From Retail:

Last week a young girl came into my store alone. Since I work in luxury retail, typically when I see teeny boppers or even young adults walk in, I know they're usually just going to waste my time or just do a quick walk in and walk out so this is what I was expecting.

Young girl was getting ready to graduate High School and wanted a pair of shoes to wear to walk across the stage. She found a few pairs of heels she liked, had me running back and forth for about 20 minutes because she needed different sizes, wanted different colors, etc. She finally settled on a pair of shoes and spent about half an hour walking around the store in them, making sure she liked the height, could walk properly, etc. She took probably 30 or so pictures of herself in these shoes, then took them off and told me:

"I need to go get my mom's opinion"

I cleaned up the mess of shoes she made and about 20 minutes later she comes back and decides to buy the heels. She pays with two credit cards, a fist full of cash and asks me about the return policy. I tell her she has 30 days to return them as long as they're completely unused and not worn. That was on Friday night.

Flash forward to Monday. I come back from my lunch break and see one of my managers doing a return for two women for a pair of heels. I go over to investigate and find out that just as I suspected, the girl who I just sold these heels too had sent her mother and grandmother back to my store to return them and they were completely worn, as the sole and heel were dirty.

I tell my manager over the walkie to not accept the return because they were worn but the girls mother was putting up a fight and so they were issued a full refund. $400. Four hundred fucking dollars that goes back on me and messes up my sales. Worst part is, now we obviously can't sell the shoes since they were worn and can only damage them out.

Funny thing is, I knew she was going to do this. Most likely, she wanted a nice pair of designer shoes so she could show off to her buddies and post pictures of herself wearing them on social media and for graduation photos but couldn't afford to keep them. I was pissed my manager accepted the return, too. Ruined my day.

-- yourgirlalex






Barista Hell: A Plethora Of Weirdos


3 BARISTAHELLFrom avination, Barista

Oh, man. Where to begin?

I have a regular who comes in and orders a "double espresso with a little steamed milk and foam," doesn't know it's a macchiato. My shop is new, about 2 months old next week, and my coworkers had been charging him for a double espresso and steaming the milk for free. (Steaming around 10-12oz each time because our smallest frothing pitchers are 22oz and they like microfoam.)

Anyways, my shift comes along and I charge him for a double macchiato. He complains. I explained the reason for the difference in prices and apologized for the apparent increase, but let him know that he had been getting a discount and was now paying the product's price.

He nodded, acceded, and has been coming in every weekday since ordering the macchiato.

Three days ago, I was in the shop a couple of hours before my flight to California and my coworker calls me away from the book I am quietly enjoying to figure out some pricing.

The guy says, "I'll have my usual cubano macchiato."

He ordered it for the first time five days ago and now it's his usual? I help my coworker out and ring him up double macchiato + cubano shot (extra .25) and the guy FREAKS. Like it's some conspiracy that it costs a quarter more, not just our company pricing. Orders a double espresso, fills it with a handful of raw sugar packets, tops the 12oz cup with 1/2 n 1/2 then smirks on the way out like he's just won some very special game. Congrats, buddy.

PET62Another man comes in weekly and always gets his black in a ceramic mug. He is over environmentally conscious.

One day I served his drink and a bit sloshed over the side as I was reaching for a saucer. He told me he wanted to not waste the soap needed to wash the saucer, and to put it back. I do so and grab a napkin to wipe the bottom of the mug. He grabs my hand, takes the napkin from it, puts it in his pocket and tells me he will take it home to dry it out and re use it until he has a chance to go to his sister's house to burn it.

Some woman came a week after the shop opened and left because we had no Splenda.

A man told me to put some ice cubes in his Americano, because he read somewhere that in Feudal Japan women would serve men tea first and then later serve themselves when it was cooled. He proceeded to tell me that mouth cancer rates in men were higher at that time.

Okay... I put some ice cubes in there.

Then he goes over to the service counter and adds 17 EQUAL PACKETS. I wish there was some way to uppercase, emphatically type 17. !!! Has he read no current reports on the health safety of nonsugar sweeteners?