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Grocery hell 1


From TheVantagePoint, Tales From Retail:

I work at the customer service desk in a grocery store on the west-coast of Canada. It is not a very large store and only takes about 20 seconds to walk from one end to the other. Part of my job is answering the store phone, usually I’m just transferring the call to another department, but I also handle general inquiries as well. LC is Lazy Customer.

Me: [name of store] [location], this is TheVantagePoint speaking.

LC: Hi, can you tell me where the cut fruit is?

I pause for a couple seconds while trying to process why someone would be asking where a product is located in our store over the phone

Me: Oh, are you in the store now?

LC: Yes I’m just over by the produce, can you tell me where the cut fruit is?

Me: Yeah, it should be in the cooler on the right side of the produce section if you are coming from the entrance.

LC: Can you just call someone to come and show me?!

now it probably would’ve been faster to just walk over myself and show her, but instead I called the produce department for customer service.

This is the only time if had a customer call the store from inside the store.







Sounds like something retail slaves should start getting used to.
The up side of this is that maybe you won't have to leave your post and show people where things are -- at least if there are sufficient signs around (e.g., aisle numbers) to let people know where they should look. (I note that when you look for something on line at a Big Orange Box location, it will tell you where to find it by aisle and bay numbers.)

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