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Mostrous Customers: YOU'RE INCOMPETENT!"



From NgusArt, Tales From Retail:

Didn't happen to me to another girl who I worked with.

Lady comes up to the tills to buy some stuff. Locks one of her cards. So they send her down a till and then tell her to go to the bank to unlock her card.

So she tries to do the transaction again and the lady locked herself out... again. So my colleague told her the only thing to do would be go to the bank to get it unlocked. And we'll...

Let's just say she didn't like that:

"I had my pin right! YOU'RE INCOMPETENT!" She screamed at my co-worker.

And continued to scream it at my coworker, blaming her for her pin not working the first time.

My co-worker was super angry that she did this and went to say "I'm not incompetent" but the lady cut her off and now started to blame the machine.

This went on for a good 10-15 minutes and I was just in shock that a little old lady could be this rude to another human for her mistake...

But then I remembered that it's never the person at faults fault :/

Weird thing that happened today.








Misty Meanor

Some people just shouldn't be managers.

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