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From OsoDePaulie, Tales From Retail:

As usual, I work at a grocery store.

Last night, a guy comes through the self checkout and is struggling a bit. He scans his first item, a small bottle of soda, but doesn’t set it down. So, the machine starts freaking out. He ignores it and continues to try to scan stuff. The machine starts asking him to “place you last scanned item in the bagging area.” He continues to try to scan his next item, a pack of steaks.
I walk over to help him, because it’s now getting painful to watch.

Me: Hey, you doing okay?

Guy: eh, it’s kinda being a problem.

Me: ok, let’s set the soda down over here so the machine will stop throwing a fit.

We set the soda down and he keeps trying to scan the steaks, but it’s not working. I offer to help and reach out for the steaks and the guy flinches. Weird, but he hands me the package anyways. I grab it with one hand and the problem becomes obvious. The barcode sticker isn’t even attached. I grab it with my other hand and it comes right off, revealing another barcode sticker underneath.

Guy: oh. Ha ha, that must be the issue.

Me: yeah. Sure.

I look at the tag in my hand and it says “pork chops. $5.05”. I look at the steaks, $27.35.

Guy: oh, man. That’s a big difference. Uh, uh, I was wondering why it was so cheap, haha.... eh, uh. I uh, I still want to get these steaks. Uh, could you maybe hold on to them while I get my uh, credit card out of my car? I’m just parked up front. My uh, my wife took my cash or I’d be able to buy these now. But I’ll be right back.

Me: Sure, yeah. I’ll have them right here.

The guy walks out in a hurry while I head over to the machine he was using. Hidden in a corner by the machine is a $30 pack of shrimp, wrapped in brown butcher paper. It’s still cold, and I remember seeing the guy walk up with them. I grab the steaks and the shrimp, hand them off to a bagger, and have them return them.

Shocker, the guy never came back.








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