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From explodingphone2016, Tales From Retail:

I work at a phone store (retail and repair) and had this elderly woman (EW) come up to me with a card which had the model of a phone, and my coworkers name written on it. I showed her where it was and asked if she needed help. I remembered her because she was quite rude to me, she was in store for hours and pressured my coworker into handwriting all of the specs she needed for her to make a decision on buying it.

EW: Your coworker told me about this phone yesterday and I spent a lot of time with him but I want you to tell me about it.

Me: Sure, did you guys speak about any features in particular? Anything you need clarification on?

EW: No, you work here, you should be able to tell me all the features of it and how it's different to my current phone.

Me: Well I guess it's what they pay me for right haha

She just kind of glared at me. Like ok, my hilarious joke isn't so hilarious but come on - throw me a bone. What do you really want?

Me: So the camera is a huge improvement in regards to low light, from your 8megapixe---

EW: I know that. [Coworker] explained that.

Me: Oh, haha, I didn't hear what he covered with you yesterday so I'm bound to tell you things you've already heard. Did he go through [another feature]?

EW: Yes, I know that too.

Me: Okay... Well, I can ask you a few questions about what you currently use your phone for - do you have anything you don't like about it?

EW: I just use it for phone stuff. I really just want you to tell me something different, about the stuff that's new.

Me: Honestly I'm unsure of what you two spoke about yesterday, did you speak about [feature] or [feature]?

EW: Do you think there's someone else who actually knows?

Me: I can assure you that we all have the same knowledge here.

She does the most dramatic eyeroll I've ever seen.

EW: Well [coworker] told me completely different things today and you're just repeating him. I already know all this.

Me: Well, they didn't change over night, so the features that were on them yesterday are the same features on them today.

She huffs off after rolling her eyes again. What the heck lady?










My guess is dementia. She doesn't understand that she's actually not making sense.

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