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Jason 005

From  MissPookieOokie, Tales From Retail:

At my store we have little metal model cars on display. There are all kinds of makes and models. As I was checking out a customer his, maybe 4 year old, son wondered over to the display.

K will be kid, d will be dad and me will be me.

Me, "Ok will that be everyth....."

I'm cut off by loud and very contagious laughter. This wasn't just a giggle, this was deep from the belly laughter. Kid runs up holding a bus.

K, "Look dad! Look at this. It's a bus!"

Looks at me and between laughs says

"Why do you sell these? It's a little bus! Why? These are so silly! Who needs a small bus?!"

I couldn't help but start to laugh. He was the cutest and his joy in our little bus was so contagious.

Me, "How do you think ants get to school? They need a bus!"

K, "That's silly!" Still laughing his little heart out.

I then show him the doors open and the stop sign swings out. This only started another round of laughter.

D, "Ok, son put it up now or the ants will be stuck at school."

K, barely able to talk "Ok."

As he's walking away I asked the dad if I could buy it for him. He declined but I insisted. There was no way that little boy was walking out without his bus. They left happily and the boy was giggling all the way out with his new bus. It just made my whole day!

The silly bus:

Bus-- MissPookieOokie





Kai Lowell

Aw, that's cute. :D

I want a silly bus now. I think the farm store sells miniatures like this...

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