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From BlindArchers, Tales From Retail:

This happened about two months ago now but it's definitely one of the weirder things I've seen while working retail.

It's a slow Saturday night. There's only two people in electronics - me, your semi friendly wireless associate, and a general electronics associate who also handles a couple of other departments.

I'm ringing up a customer when I see a man walk up to the laptop and tablet demos. Pretty averagely dressed: jogging pants and a hoodie with the hood up.

Oh, and he has a ski mask on and a large, semi filled duffel bag under his arm.

Oh boy...

The electronics associate comes back to the department and I quietly ask him to keep an eye on Mr Ski Mask while I finish with the customer. We finish and she leaves, and a security guard from the front of the store appears.

We try and act as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on, which I fail at, constantly letting out loud, nervous giggles after every sentence. Mr Ski Mask keeps looking at the laptops, regularly pulling up the ski mask as high as he could over his face (cuz he didn't look suspicious enough).

Eventually, he asks the electronics associate for help with a laptop. As he's opening the cage, I'm thinking This is it. He's gonna pull something out of the duffel bag, wack him over the head, and snatch all the laptops.

Nope. Electronics guy pulls out a laptop and they walk back to the registers.

The order is being rung up and Mr Ski Mask pulls out a bunch of cash - almost all small bills - to pay (paying for expensive electronics in cash? nope, no red flag here). And this is where my mind goes haywire again. As soon as the register pops open, he's gonna pull out a gun and demand all the money inside.

Once again, nothing happens. Mr Ski Mask finishes his transaction. He takes his brand new laptop and makes a beeline to the front of the store with the security guard following closely behind.

I'm still not quite sure what the hell that was about...









Misty Meanor

Neither am I.


Cold outside and he was going back out and didn't want to futz around with the mask? Burn victim? Spy cosplayer?


That's one thing no store in my area would permit; no masks, no face covering helmets, not even at Halloween.

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