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From biffybeefa, Tales From Retail:

This happened about a month or so ago.

I work in a fairly busy department store. It's really popular with cheap prices so we get all sorts in there, some lovely people and some that treat you like dirt.

The staff womens changing room and computer sign-in is at the back of the shop, so we've to walk through the shop to get to the stock room, where our managers tell us where we are assigned for the day. We usually make a beeline straight for the stock room because if we get stopped by somebody we'll be marked late.

So, this day I was walking along to the stock room, just in front of the doors, when I hear this woman shouting behind me, "Come here...I said come here, where are you going? Get over here now". I wandered into the stock room, figuring by the tone of voice that it was somebody talking to somebody they knew. I walk up to my manager and hear a woman behind me at the stock room doors, "What are you doing? I said get over here" she shouts, at me, and motioning at me to go over to her, pointing at her feet.

At this point I'm in a state of shock and look to my manager. My manager looks at me, and I guess figured I've no idea what is going on by my reaction, and wanders out to the woman and I hear her complaining about me to my manager, "I'm so sorry I wasn't talking to you, she left and completely ignored me".

My manager comes in, I'm freaking that I've actually gotten a complaint, and she asks me to check a coat for the customer. Of course this coat is reduced so the only ones left are the ones left on the floor, so I get the happy job of telling the woman.

I head out to her, where she is chatting to her husband and giving out about me with her back turned to me. I try and explain that the coat is reduced and the only sizes left are the ones on the rail.

" check the computer".

"Well see it's reduced so it's only shown as reduced on the computer, it's cleared from the stock room".

"Not that computer, the computer that keeps track of where the clothes are in the shop"...she gets annoyed by my reaction, "the computer that'll say this coat has been picked up and left in the home department or the accessories department".

She actually thought we have tags on clothes that monitor where they are in the shop at all times and if they've been moved from their department. I had to explain that we didn't have that, got a dirty look and she walked off giving out. Luckily my manager thought she was horrible and was on my side about it. Honestly thought I'd be lectured about apparently ignoring a customer.

TL;DR: shouted at and ordered by a customer I didn't realise was talking to me. Proceeds to complain about me to my manager. Thinks we track clothes around the shop.







She probably thought the sticky tags inside some products that set off the alarm if they aren't demagnetized, also track the location in the store.

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