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Retail Hell Memories: "I didn't serve 11 years not to be called sir!"


Jason 001

From Kambz22, Tales From Retail:

I worked retail for a 2nd rate sporting goods store in a bad town. We got all sorts of characters in there. I was used to it.

One day we were busy and I was running around like mad. And older guy came up to me with a pair of shoes:

Guy: Can I get some help?

Me: Sure, what size do you need? (Assuming that's what he was looking for)

Guy: How dare you not call me sir!? I served 11 years in the military and deserve respect!

Now, sure I respect everyone, even military. But you can't just go around yelling at people like that. I usually try to throw in sir/mam when talking, but it was a mad house and I going nuts trying to serve everyone, I didn't think of it.

I just stood there for a second. Confused.

Me: What size did you say? (Making sure not to say sir)

I get his shoe and he's trying it on. During this, he starts talking to me about life, what I'll be doing in the future, etc. I think he realized how irrational he was being by yelling at me. He seemed like a nice guy when the dust settled. After the small talk and he gets his size:

Me: Have a good day, SIR.

He just smiles and says you too and walks away.

He started frequenting to the store, and I always made sure to say sir to him, and provided him with good service.

Respect is a 2 way street, and screaming at me is not respectful, no matter your occupation or what you have done.







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