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Retail Hell Memories: "No. You can return it"


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From  Taileile Tales From Retail:

So a while back I was working a long shift and people had been kind of rude all day. My store generally has coupons but every once in a while we do a giant sale and stop all coupons. The savings are about the same but the customers act like it's the end of the world.

Anyway, curtain guy and his wife (CG, W) come up to my register. He's buying a shower curtain rod. The box is fine but the tape looks a little peeled.

We talk for a bit and he mentions the tape. The conversation goes something like this:

CG: "You know, this looks like it may have been returned."

Me, knowing where this is going: "That's possible! Sometimes they don't match."

CG: "But it might have been returned. What if it's worn or damaged?"

Me: "We don't restock damaged or worn items, if it had been returned it's probably fine. If not, our return policy is easy- you'll be allowed to return it."

CG: "Maybe I could get a discount, in case it's damaged."

Me: "We can open it up here and check if you want :-)"

He's flustered at this point and starts to open the box. His wife is looking annoyed but I'm not about to give a discount to someone because of wrinkled tape.

CG: "I don't want to open it right now, but can I get a discount in case it's damaged?"

Me: "No, I'm sorry. You can return it if there's a problem."

I thought he was going to snap, but thankfully his wife just ended up shoving a coupon at me. I told her the coupon hadn't started yet and we didn't have any coupons available. They left in a huff, without their discount.








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