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2 hotel carolanneFrom oppzorro, Tales From The Front Desk

This happened a couple of years ago on the Audit Shift. 

It was 1:22am on a Saturday night. We were not sold out and of course, if you work in San Francisco, you know as well as I do that a non-sold out Saturday night, everyone and their mother is looking for a room.

The phone rings and there is a woman on the other end of the line. Here is how it went down.

Me: "_____ hotel, How may I help you?"

Woman: "You got any rooms?"

Me: "Yes. We have a room left for tonight at ___.00 plus tax."

Woman: "Hold on a second." (assumes she is talking to her man about the room. However she has covered the phone with her hand.)

Woman: "Baby, pass me them wings." (I am still on hold. moments later she comes back to me with a mouthful of food.)

Woman:"You there?"

Me: "Yes"

Woman: "Can you do cheaper than that?"

Me: "I'm sorry, I can't. This is one of our last rooms and its a walk in rate."

Woman: (pauses a moment.) "Well what If I have a really good p****?"

Me: "Sorry, no. But if your man has a really good ass I might consider it."

(It was at this moment she hung up and I heard nothing back.)

I didn't even get in trouble for that line, and I even told him what I said! I've had many women try to show me their breasts. Dudes offer to suck me off and show me their junk. One guy even asked me if I would give him a massive discount for sexual favors. Had a younger couple asked me if I would be interested in a 3 way with them in exchange for a free night.

NO to all of the above.





as a San Francisco native- WTF?
1. San Francisco is a major city not a little town with a locally owned hotel.
(I imagine she could get away with that in MiddleofNowhere, Texas where the guy behind the counter is the owner's son.)

and 2. This is not the "season of love" or whatever they called the flower-child era.

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