Monstrous Customers: "I need to go get my mom's opinion"
Tales From The Front Desk: "I've Waited For 6 Hours To Check In."

The irony is strong with this one



From Nic:

Part two of adventures at the grocery outlet store: a home sperm count test, if you are “Trying to get PREGNANT?” (I didn’t even know a home test for this existed. How do you even ask your spouse to do this?) I’m glad it specifies that it’s a home test for men, considering it asks if one is trying to get pregnant, which generally presumes a lack of self-insemination in humans.





It does sort of imply that there's a home sperm count test for women, too, though.

McHell Manager

Honestly, I like this idea. "How do you even ask your spouse to do this?" It's called communication. Use your words. My husband and I have been trying for 3 years now and have discussed getting tested. And I sort of wonder if I should get this, as our Dr has yet to get back to us about even ordering the test

Kai Lowell

That must be a Hy-Vee (as I see a TopCare product off to the side of the pic.)

I wouldn't say that's a bad idea really, but yeah, that wording's...odd.

Kai Lowell

... *from*. *From* a Hy-Vee. I accidentally a word.


Women have egg problems, men sperm so I don't really see why a cheap shelf test is a surprise. You go to the fertility doctor if it turns out bad to see what's happening.


Hey "" could you please get over yourself and post with a NAME like everyone else? So sick of seeing that hideous long gibberish filled URL!


I really get irritated with the phrase "We're pregnant!" after all the man doesn't have to do much of the work, he just got the woman knocked up. He doesn't get the weight gain, the morning sickness, the blood pressure issues, the sleep disturbance and the labour. That's just the common stuff. When he goes though the last bit then he can say he's pregnant.


I hate "We're pregnant!" too. The woman is pregnant. We're raising a child is when it becomes we.

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