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Thrift Store Hell: A Dehrr Hurp Day


Freddy crosseyedFrom Puppies In Prada

Okay, so for some people, Spring triggers allergies. Apparently whatever's in the air, it turned ME into a nitwit.

Bathrooms are only on the ground floor. Cool. I'll go visit the bathroom, then grab a couple of big boxes to store my winter boots in until winter.

Down I go. Do my business. Go upstairs.

I forgot the boxes.


Down the stairs. Grab the boxes, go upstairs.

Get a pair of sneakers in good condition, just need to scrub a little dirt off the soles. Scrubby, scrubby, scrubby.

Get to my partition of the Second Floor.... I only have one shoe in my hand.


Back across the second floor. Grab the other shoe. Walk back to my partition. Hang up the shoes on a rack to dry.

Carolanne dur hurpRegister shift. Ring people up.

Me: "Okay ma'am, your total is 4:25PM."

Lady blinks.

I facepalm.

Me: "I mean your total is $1.25, ma'am, your clear glassware was 50% off today. I'm sorry, please forgive me. Apparently I cannot act like a functioning adult today."

At least she was gracious enough to laugh about it rather than pitch a fit like some customers.

I'm grateful I only goofed up three times today, and none of them were serious, but throughout the day I was becoming increasingly paranoid that I would do something really strange and have no explanation for Thrognar at the Eternal Registers for my graceless and ridiculous method of dying:

"No, my lord Thrognar, I have no idea how I started the apocalypse with a rubber duckie, a sprig of thyme and a case of the hiccups. I wish I knew... "


Donation of the day: A --still factory sealed-- bottle of pomegranate/cranberry juice that expired in 2013... I poured it out in the sink, and could smell that it had fermented! Thanks for that useless donation, lady!

-Puppies In Prada



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