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From vomirrhea, Tales From Retail:

I work in the giftshop of a zoo. It started pouring cats and dogs outside. I get a man trying to buy rain gear at the .counter.

Man: Two umbrellas please.

Me: That will be $20.

Man: Wait I was told umbrellas were only $6 a piece.

(OK wtf, by who?)

Me: No, they are $10 a piece.

Man: Well I don't want that, that's expensive.

Me: We have ponchos that are cheaper.

Man: OK I will take 2 of those instead.

Me: That will be $14.

Man: Where's my umbrella I want an umbrella.

Me: You do? Just one? With the Ponchos? OK

(then he suddenly puts back one of the Panchos without a word)

Me: OK you want one Poncho and one umbrella?

Man: (in a frustrated voice) you know what just give me two Ponchos and two umbrellas, I need to get back to my family!

I rang him up, and he stalked out of the giftshop leaving me standing there like. Wut?












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