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CVS Spreading the Love on Father's Day

A breath of fresh air in the craziness of the Father's day rush


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From  amazingkace Tales From Retail:

I work at an American retail store, famously known for its "hassle free/no receipt, no problem" returns.

I usually work at the registers on the far side of the store, but was unexpectedlyoved to the customer service registers due to a malfunction with my printer. I was thrown into a system I didn't entirely understand with a line I wasn't accustomed to.

Eventually I was doing a return for an older woman and her mother. While printing out the receipt, the woman suddenly asked me what my name was.

I wrote it on the receipt, and she leaned forward and said.

"This really is a thankless job and I'd just like you to know that we appreciate you and everything you do."

It really brightened up my day :)

I wanted to share a little nice something.








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