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From SweenyToddsAssistant Tales From Retail:

I work in a franchise retail store here in the USA. As I was walking to the front of the store to retrieve items that customers give second thoughts, I spotted shish kabob sticks scattered all over the floor.

Me: Yaye, pick up sticks!!! ( nah, I didn't really say that)

Me ( For real): Really?

So I get on the floor and start picking up the sticks when a male homosapien customer comes to me.

MHC: Excuse me, miss? Sorry to bother, I know you're busy

Me: ( internally ) Not really, just picking up crap off the floor ( no sarcasm )

MHC: Do you know those juice pouches that infants drink out of?

Me: * Nods* Yes, sir

MHC: Do you know if ya'll carry the refillable pouches?

Me: Ummm, I don't know. Let me turn on my phone so I can look on our app ( my store has an app)

MHC: * Gets down on the ground and starts picking up the sticks* Thank you

Me: * Surprised* Oh, thank you, sir

MHC: So someone just makes a mess and walks away

Me: Yup, I witnessed a man spill his drink when I first came in and he just walked away

MHC: * Something about humans being indecent *

Me: Yup * Typing up the item he's looking for and trying to figure out how to spell refillable cause that's me for you*

Turns out we didn't have the item, but after I finished helping him he opened up the bag for me so I could put the sticks back in and he tried helping me up, but I got up myself cause I'm an independent woman who needs no man! Nah, I'm kidding, sheesh, take a joke.

Anyway, I told him he was the first customer to do something so nice. I wanted to post this on here cause I read too many rude customer stories on here and there are good ones out there, too.








Double U Gal

Always nice to read a positive story like yours, thanks for sharing!

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