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Benny Hill Provides Perfect Soundtrack for these Two Dumbass Thieves Trying to Avoid Arrest at a Convenience Store in Canada


From Slate:  The video above is so incredible that you may suspect it of being a viral hoax, but be assured that it is entirely real, depicting the eventful Monday arrest of a Canadian couple suspected of trying to use a stolen credit at a convenience store in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The original video doesn’t have sound, so we’ve added music that provides appropriate thematic enhancement. And, in case you get worried at any point about the risky behavior on display, rest assured that the police officer is holding a stun gun, not a handgun, and that no one involved was seriously hurt.

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Best thing I've see all week!


I'm glad the dumbasses got caught, but I'm concerned by the fact that neither of them could open the back door in the storeroom. Those types of doors should be able to open from the inside otherwise it's a fire hazard so why wouldn't the doors open??

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