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From Pocoparker, Tales From Retail:

I work at a pretty large local supermarket chain on the front end. Normally we have 2 registers open from 8 to closing time but i was stuck on the only register when my coworker was sent to retrieve carts.

I was told to work late and i was supposed to leave at 10:30 pm. 10:25 rolls around and my line fills up while my coworker is out getting carts. No problem, i’ll just leave at around 10:45. I finish getting these people checked out, my coworker comes in from getting carts and i shut off my register light and put the rope across my lane, indicating that i was closed and i start wiping down my register.

Ensuing dialogue will be Me and L (Lady).

L: I need to check out

Me: Okay ma’am my colleague has register 3 open so i’ll bring your cart over there because i’m closed for the night. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lady now walks into my lane, unhooks the closed sign and starts scanning her items.

L: You’re open now

Me: Ma’am, i’m sorry but i have to end your transaction as any tender on my account after i’m supposed to leave can get me in trouble, regardless of the circumstances.

L: Well that’s your problem, so finish scanning my items please and you can go once you’re done.

Me: Okay ma’am, but i’m just warning you that this is going to be a problem for the both of us.

My coworker (CW) now walks over and starts talking to the lady.

CW: I’m sorry ma’am but his lane is closed so i will bring you over to register 3 so you can be checked out and on your way.

Me: It’s okay, i’m almost done scanning.

L: Thank you, at least you learned a lesson about customer service today.

Me: That’s right ma’am.

I finish scanning her items, tell her to have a good rest of her night and clock out. During my next shift i get called into the manager’s (M) office.

M: Did you check out anyone after you were supposed to clock out?

Me: Yeah, there was a late night rush and Coworker was out getting carts. Then a lady decided to open my lane for me and proceeded to scan her items for me.

M: Okay, we’ll look into the issue. Thanks for letting us know.

The manager reviewed the tapes and told me yesterday that i did nothing wrong and that the lady would no longer be allowed in the store after 9:00 pm.







Misty Meanor

Your manager actually had your back! Good for them!

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