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From SEND_ME_YOUR_CAULK, Tales From Retail:

This happened to me yesterday when I was on the register, which is a rare occurrence for me since i’m usually on the floor. I had someone who was wanting to return an item. No biggie, returns are easy. I finished scanning the items, so I ask if she (C) has the card she paid for it with.

Me: Alright and did you have the [insert store name] credit card that you paid for this with?

C: No but they’ve looked it up for me in the past.

No biggie, i’ve done it before. This doesn’t seem to be a problem. Until...

Me: Do you have the photo identification that goes with the credit card?

C: It’s my moms, I don’t have it.

Me: I’m sorry, i’m not able to do the return on the store credit card without the ID.

She instantly grabs her phone and tells her mom what’s going on. Now she isn’t being unreasonable, however she tells her mom (mom) what happens and her mom wants to talk to me .

Mom: Why can’t you do it? I’ve done it before! This is ridiculous!

Me: I’m sorry but we need the photo ID with us in person to do it. It’s corporate policy. We can put it back on a store gift card though.

She makes some unintelligible noises and then asks to talk to talk to the manager. Guess what? You’ll never believe it. The manager told her the SAME THING. The mom hung up and the transaction ended because the daughter decided to come back with the credit card.










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