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Cashier Hell: Middle Aged Mom vs Tattooed Dude


Grocery hell 3

From 957pm Tales From Retail:

Setting: Working OT all week because we're understaffed and it's ten minutes AFTER closing. For once people are actually making an effort to hustle to the front of the store, but the line for the only lane open (moi's) is long and the natives are growing restless. Trying to get through this as fast as possible.

Me = Me
TD = Tattooed Dude
MAM = Middle Aged Mom

MAM takes her sweet time loading her stuff onto the belt, and has decided we're going to be best friends. She talks about the weather, her son's upcoming birthday, asks my opinion on the fruit she bought (really) completely oblivious to the huge ass line behind her.

I try to humor her as much as possible while scanning her stuff. I'm on a roll, and actually pull the last item from her hand as she's setting it on the belt.

MAM: Well you're in a hurry!

Me: Sorry, ma'am.

MAM pays and steps to the side to start bagging her groceries and TD steps up.

TD: THAT was a wait.

Me: Yeah, sorry about that. Cash or credit -

TD: I'm wondering if you guys have a manager.

Me: Uh, yes?

TD: Well?

TD only had a few things and at this point I'm waiting for him to pay. The people behind him have all loaded their stuff up onto the belt.

Me: I'm sorry?

TD: Are you gonna call him up here?

Me: Sorry, it's actually after closing and -

TD: Is he gonna be here tomorrow?? I want to tell him about how slow service is while the ONLY CASHIER spends his time talking to his MOM.

(both MAM and I are asian)

MAM: Excuse me? I am not his mother!

TD: Whatever, then why were you talking like you were

MAM: I was being POLITE, unlike you!! If you keep bothering this young man trying to do his JOB by calling his manager, I'll be calling right after to tell him what actually happened!!

Me: (Trying to keep this from going off the rails) Sir, are you paying with a card or with cash?

TD: Cash.

TD guy pays and leaves. I couldn't believe it. Unfortunately that meant MAM thought we really WERE best friends and hung out in my lane for another five minutes, but she was out of the way of everyone else and was ok company.











What an @$$. Yes, Asian women are talkative.

and I really hate people who say "is there a manager" as if I can use my manager summoning spell.


I get that a lot at work, Janitorgirl. "No, it's 4am on a Saturday. We don't have a manager. No, I'm not going to call them at 4 am on a saturday because you failed to pay attention to the emails and phone calls we've been doing to tell you for the last year that you need to upgrade your terminals or they'll stop working.":

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