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From Daddy-kinkshame-me, Tales From Retail:

So a couple of nights ago during one of my shifts, I was running a bit late to take my lunch. My supervisor came by and told me to turn off my light and to go to lunch as soon as I was done with my last two customers. Due to the fact that I had two more customers with carts, I wasn't able to pull down the small door to close my register, so I had to verbally tell customers I was closed. As I'm finishing up, I'm still telling customers I'm closed when a man walks up and just stands there, staring at me. The convo goes like this:

Me: I'm sorry sir, but I'm closed.

Man: Well, you're going to check me out

Me: no sir I'm not, i've already closed

Man: stares at me

Me: looks away, finishes counting the money the other customer gave me

Man: still staring at me

Me: stares back like i said sir, I'm closed and won't be checking anyone else out. Checkstands 1, 3, 4, and 5 are open.

Man: still stares

Me: gives change and receipt to other customer, then stares back at man sir? Im closed.

Man: walks away backwards, still staring

Today, I heard from my supervisor that the man complained heavily about me. Obviously im not in trouble but, oh well.





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