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From Manmadeking Tales From Retail:

A customer comes into my store and hands me a list of things his "friends" sent him to buy for them. His "friends" wanted 5 packs each of 6 different types of cigarettes. Immediately I guess he's thinking of just running off with the cigarettes so I take my time grabbing them, scanning them, and then put them on beside my register rather than the counter so he can't reach them. While I'm grabbing the things his "friends" want he removes his backpack, opens it, and it was that moment he realizes I'm not putting them on the counter in front of him. He asks what flavors of cigarillos we have and while I read them off (cameras showed this and I noticed it) he tries reaching over the register to grab the cigarettes but he couldn't reach them if his life depended on it. When I notice him reaching over the desk-wall-thing that separates customer from register he pretends he's counting to make sure I had grabbed enough. A minute later when someone else pulls up to the store he suddenly tells me that "cigarettes cost too much here" and that he'll "go down the street because they're cheaper there" (they aren't cheaper).

After he leaves all I'm stuck is the thought that while I'm not the sharpest cookie in the shed it's just plain insulting of him to think I'm dumb enough to leave $200 worth of cigarettes on the counter for him to shovel into his backpack and skedaddle with... and also, he was riding a child's purple-and-glitter bicycle while wearing a bright neon-green shirt with a company name/logo printed on it (looked like a construction company shirt) and a Chicago Bulls cap at 1AM. The cops woulda found him in two minutes, tops.

I worry that it wasn't his first time doing that and that it's worked for him in the past.








Misty Meanor

This is why we're told not to give anyone tobacco until they've paid!


They ARE cheaper at the other store... because he can steal them there.

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