Crazy Customers: Spilling milk on the floor for fun!
Retail Memories: Illiteracy or Wrong Plant?



"Mission" Brand name.
"Vaporactive" model name.
"Performance compression top" 'Marketing blither for tight shirt'.
"Feel cool" It's an evaporative cooling shirt.
"Go harder" 'do whatever you do more so'.
"Patented evaporative cooling shirt" See point 1.
"Ultra comfort & breathability" 'It's comfortable and lets air through'.
"Odor resistant" 'If you stink it's your fault'.

What poor literacy?


I don't see illiteracy on this. I just see brand names and a list of marketing hype claims.


Oh good. I kept going over it and not seeing anything that could be called poor literacy. And I used to be a proofreader in another life.

Tech Support Survivor

I think it's the sign above it that says toys.

Kai Lowell

Yeah, I'm not seeing any poor literacy either...

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