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From  Serenescence Tales From Retail:

Happened at my shift this morning. I work in a large name supermarket in the UK, my shift covers very early morning to early afternoon. On Sundays we don’t open until 9:30am, and when we do we typically get a large influx of customers waiting outside until we open.

You know sometimes how milk cartons split open right? When they do this in the store, people tend to either leave the carton on the floor or put it back on the rack they picked it up from, but it’s usually pretty obvious that it’s split so people are pretty good at leaving it alone until a cleaner comes to sort it out.

There was one carton that had split with a small milk puddle on the floor underneath it, so we were avoiding picking it up when we had to pick some milk. I was doing my thing down the milk and juice aisle when an old guy in a red football shirt comes over and goes to pick up the exact milk carton that had split (it was laying on its side, a pretty big indicator it had split open). Usually people pretty quickly realise their mistake and put it back down before they make a big mess. So I assume this guy will do the same and pick a different one.

NOPE. Instead of putting it back down, he lets out a loud SIGH, turns around to lock eye contact with me, and continues to just stare at me as all the milk pours out onto the floor in a massive puddle, in the middle of a fairly busy aisle. This is a 4 pint carton, so it’s taking a good 10 whole seconds for ALL THE MILK to end up on the floor.

I had no idea what to say? What do you even say to that kind of crazy? What did he think would happen? My department doesn’t do cleaning of food spills so I didn’t have any cleaning materials on me to wipe it up. After it had all spilled onto the floor he just shook his head at me, puts the empty carton back onto the rack and walks away like nothing happened? Was his aim to deliberately piss off a bunch of staff by creating a needless mess to try and make some kind of point? I have no idea. Either way the cleaner wasn’t very happy at all and I was left confused and pretty dazed about the whole situation that had just taken place.

-- Serenescence









You are an employee there. You have a known broken and leaking item that will cause a slipping hazard and will mess up people's clothes if they accidentally pick it up and it's not your job to keep people safe from hazards? wow.

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