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From  RadioactiveFlowers, Tales From Retail:

The grocery store that I work at has two salad bars that you can see very clearly from the Deli and Bistro areas. Both salad bars have little sample cups that you can use to try a food before you buy it. Today I got the pleasure of watching two of our three grazers, or Chipmunks as I call them. These people spend at least an hour circling the salad bars grabbing samples.

One who came in today, who lives up the the Chipmunk name, stood at the salad bar for fifteen minutes tasting every item in the salad bar, mixing them, drinking the soup like shots, and just generally eating way too much food to not be theft. Myself and two other workers just stood behind the bistro counter and stared at this guy. I'm pretty sure his brain is about the size of a chipmunk's as well because he didn't notice at all. He just stood there for fifteen minutes, stuffing his cheeks full of food, until he decided he should continue shopping. It's rumoured that this guy has, in the past, stolen an entire bagel sandwich from our bakery department.

The second set of Chipmunks was a guy and his teenage daughter. I'm pretty sure his daughter is the main perpetrator here because he kept swatting at her as she tried to eat out of the bag of sliced meat he had just ordered. I have yet to witness them stealing any food, but his daughter was definitely eyeing the salad bar area. I was told they've taken an excessive amount of food from the salad bar without paying in the past.

The third Chipmunk is this unassuming old lady who runs (rolls) around in one of the motorized shopping carts with a scowl. I saw her in the store a few days ago eating so much food from the salad bars in sample cups. This lady is actually afraid of one of the workers (H) in the deli area, and the minute she made eye contact with H, she attempted to throw away her sample cup (and missed) and rolled away as fast as possible from the salad bar with at least three people glaring daggers at her. H later told me that this lady had, on one occasion, eaten all of the mozzarella balls out of the tomato mozzarella salad, and often eats grapes out of their bags in the produce area while not buying any.

I'm sure every grocery store has these kinds of people, and they're just annoying.

-- RadioactiveFlowers






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