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Department Store Hell: Customers Continue to Use Fitting Rooms as Toilets




From leonis_ Tales From Retail:

This just happened to me and I want to burn my hands off.

I am working in the lingerie department in a large store and saw a woman‘s shoes in the same changing room for quiet a while (I didn‘t think anything of it). I had to go to the front of the store for 5 minutes and when I came back the woman was gone.

So I enter the changing room and I see there is a fluid on the floor which I’m hoping is water. We have also little chairs in the changing rooms and there were some items on it which I thought would be safe.

I. Was. Wrong. I grabbed the clothes, notice they are dripping wet and I drop them immediately. I smell my hand and, yes, of COURSE, it is urine.


Now I‘ve scrubbed my hands raw and all I can smell is urine.

T-Minus 4 hours till I can cry at home.













Misty Meanor

WTF? Are people that stupid?!


Yes, yes they are.

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