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From u/Nordic_Nonsense  Tales From Retail:


This was about two days ago, I was working the cash wrap at my local gaming store. This gentleman comes in and picks out a couple of games. No worries, it's a game store, it's allowed. He comes up to the register and I start ringing him up. He has a couple "M" rated games in his pile so I ask him for his ID, which is policy. He produces a military ID and of course, I have to pipe up with, "Oh, you're in that branch! That's cool, I'm in the Coast Guard!" He looks at me super weird and then replies.

"If you're in the Coast Guard, what are you doing here?" He asks. I merely smile and and point to my nametag.

"This is my second job. I like to keep busy," I respond and continue ringing up his items which came to around 100 dollars. I ask him for his membership and ask him if he wants to upgrade it. He refuses, but then his face lights up like he's a kid on Christmas.

"Oh man, I remember you! You're that girl from the bar! The Coast Guard girl!" He exclaims as I look up and try and put a face to a name. No dice. Normally, I go to my local haunt and try and mostly hang out with my friends, but sometimes people will come up and talk to me. I don't remember half of them because I have a memory like a goldfish.

"Sorry, I don't think I remember you." I say with an awkward little chuckle. He gives me this grin and I know where it's going.

"Come on, we're friends," He says with his crocodile grin.

"No, sorry," I respond coolly and motion for him to put his credit card into the machine, "I'm not sure who you are."

"Well, we're friends, right? So that means you can give me a discount."

At our store, we don't offer a military discount, but if you're a certain tier of a membership, you do get a discount on used games and accessories. "No, I can't," I reply firmly, "I can only give those to my immediate family or spouse."

"But we're friends, we've hung out loads of times at the bar," He whines, elbows on the tempered glass counter, "You should be able to give me a discount."

At this point, my manager walks over and asks me what's going on. I motion to the guy who hurriedly finished up buying his games and hightailing it out of the store, still steamed about me, his new apparent best friend, not giving him a discount.








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