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I work in a big retail chain. Near the front, we have a little "value" section with items that are 1, 3, or 5 dollars. Changes seasonally, it's a fun little place to find cheap crap (and occasionally a surprisingly good value).

One of the items that we always have over there are these file folders. They're plastic, different colors, very useful things. They come in 2 sizes--the smaller is roughly the size of a clutch purse, the larger one is like a folder size. They're both a dollar, which I found interesting. I assumed it was $1 for the smaller and $3 for the larger.

A woman came through my register with a ton of clearance items, all the cliche coupon deals, etc. I turned off my light because I could tell there was going to be a lot to explain and argue over during this transaction (I see her a lot).

I was right, there was a lot of back and forth over how if a sale says "buy 2 get one free", you actually have to buy 3 total items, you can't just have me void 2 of them and get a free thing. And I know she is fully aware of this crap, just tries to get away with stuff and confuse cashiers.

Anyway, I digress. My favorite part of the conversation is as follows:

I ring up several of the aforementioned folders. She had maybe 5 of each size.

Woman: "Wait, the small one is a dollar too?"

Me: "Yes. They're both a dollar. Cool, right? I always thought the big one was 3."

Woman: "I'm not paying that. I thought the small one would be like 50 cents."

Me: "No, everything over there is 1, 3 or 5."

Woman: "Well, I'm not paying that."

Me: "Ok, so do you not want just the small ones? Or do you not want either size?"

Woman: "No, I still want them."

Me: "Alright." Keeps scanning her other items.

Woman: "No! I'm not paying a dollar for those little ones!"

Me: "Well... that's the price. So if you want them, they're a dollar. We really don't have sales on that section. If something is out of season like Easter or Christmas stuff, it can be on clearance, but we don't have that going on right now." (I'm trying my best to explain to her why this is absolutely a dollar, no questions about it.)

Woman: "I. Am. Not. Paying. That."

Me: "Ok then, you don't want the small ones."

I then void out the smaller folders and just move on. I'm not going to be "intimidated" by her, because I think that's what she's going for. Thankfully, I think she realized that I'm not giving in, and she just didn't talk for the rest of the transaction.




Double U Gal

I had A LOT of those people (almost always women, with a few exceptions)when I worked at Fright Made, so you brought back a lot of memories! I got pushed around until I became more confident, and it sounds like you did a great job! Awesome!!

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