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 From  bippybup, Tales From Retail:

I don't work the traditional kind of retail anymore, but my job still has a retail aspect to it and I thought y'all would enjoy this. For anonymity sake, let's say I sell propane and propane accessories (I don't).

I was working away when I got a call from a Heavily Southern Man.

Me: Generic Propane, this is bippybup.

Heavily Southern Man: Yeaaa, I got here a letter 'bout insurance for my daughter Valerie? Y'see [insert heavy southern accent, in which the only words I can identify are 'question', 'car', and 'insurance']. Anyway, I'm her DAD--

Me: Oh-- I'm sorry, this is Generic Propane, I believe you called the wrong number.

HSM [much more angrily]: Now, see here, I've got three numbers on this letter and YOURS was one of them! [He begins explaining more about the situation]

Me: This is Generic Propane, we don't have anything to do with insurance.

HSM [close to yelling]: So then what number am I s'post to call then???!!

Me: ... Sir. I sell propane and propane accessories. I don't know.

HSM: [slurred obscenities] -- FUCK. *click*

Okie dokie have a good day then.

 -- bippybup







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