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From  im-you-not-me, Tales From Retail:

I work in a big name clothing store.

So we have this big sign hanging right in front of the window advertising:

Up to

70% off

entire store*

*some exclusions apply

I cannot tell you how many people asked why some signs had 50% or whatever else rather than the 70%. I've had to repeat that the sign doesn't say 70% off the entire store, but up to 70%.

Most people have taken this correction well, but this wouldn't be here if not for the remaining customers.

I had one older lady accuse me of falsely advertising because of what they chose to read from the sign, while others demand to see the 70% off section of a particular department, and get mad when we don't have items that qualify.

On a lighter note, one Saturday morning our registers were down so we had to delay our opening. We put big signs right on the door, at eye level apologising that we'd be delayed opening, and I cannot tell you how many people still tried to pull the locked door open despite the sign and knocking when that failed.

-- im-you-not-me







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