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From sadpigeons Tales From Retail:

I work at a bookstore that sells books. Lady comes up to me one day:

Me: Hi, welcome to bookstore, how can I help?

Lady: Hi, I need some advice. I'm looking for a gift for my son. He's 14 and really likes computers and video games.

Me: Sure! A popular book at the moment which he might like is Ready Player One--

Lady: Oh no, he doesn't read.

I did not know how to react. I stood there in stunned silence for a few seconds before saying "I'm sorry"?

Lady: I said he doesn't read books. He just likes video games.

Me: I'm sorry then, I don't think there will be anything here at this bookstorethat will really appeal to your son.

The lady looked very pissed, but all she said was "Thank you", and then immediately left the store.

This happened a few weeks ago and every so often I find myself wondering if her son ever started reading.







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