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From Stevie_sub, Tales From Retail:

So I work at a local chocolate shop in a fancy shopping center and most of our clients are older, wealthier people. We just got a new credit/debit card machine with a chip reader(we're late, I know), anyways our machine Is very particular and you have to wait until I give you the go ahead to enter your chip, or the machine throws a fit. We have a sign on the card reader that says "Please wait for cashier before inserting chip".

This morning I had an elderly woman(got the senior discount) who jammed her chip into the machine before I had finished scanning her items, which causes an error message on my screen and prevents me from continuing. I'll be M, customer will be C.

M: Ma'am, could you please remove your card? I'm not quite finished scanning and the register won't allow me to finish until you do.

C: Oh, well the machine said 'insert card'.

M: I know, I really wish it didn't say that because it won't work, silly machine. Could you please remove your card?

C then looks back and forth between me and the card reader, then gives me an incredulous look.

C: No. The machine said to insert my card, so I'm leaving it there. I don't think you know how to work it.

I stood there awkwardly for a long minute while the card reader beeped loudly at her to remove her card, and she just stared at me.

C says impatiently: Well, are you going to finish or not?

M: Unfortunately my register won't allow me to until you remove your card, as I said previously.

C scoffs and yank her card out, glaring at me while I finish scanning.

M, politely: Please insert your chip now, Ma'am.

You know what this bitch does? She fucking slides it down the side as if it were a debit card(our machine is "slide for debit, insert chip for credit"). Card reader gives her an error message and she freaks out.

C: You said to slide my card!

M: No, Ma'am, I asked you to wait until I finished scanning, and then insert your chip.

Customer finally inserts her chip and finishes transaction, mumbling under her breath about "damn teenagers" as she leaves the store. I'm 22, and it's not my fault you can't fucking listen or read!









I so love it when the customer knows much, much more about how our machines work than we, who have been using them for years, do. I have one customer who just wants to be right about everything, to the point that when I told him how our machine worked, he looked uncomfortable, fiddled with his wallet and then blurted out: "No! You're wrong!"

Misty Meanor

Had I been there, I would've given her a good piece of my mind!

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