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From Cultspook, Tales From Retail:

I work at an optical shop in a pretty big ophthalmology practice. When a patient buys glasses through insurance, we generally have to send the frame to the lab for two weeks to get processed with some exceptions such as if they have no other glasses or if there has been a remake, we can rush the order and get it in a week.

We only hold frames for a week unless they tell us they will come in by a certain date. A patient put a frame on hold with no date and we put it back after a week. He comes in a month later, and is angry that we don’t have it anymore because we sold it. I tell him no problem, we can order the frame.

After patient leaves, I’m informed the frame is on backorder for another month. I call the patient and tell him we have a few options. We can do a different size in the same color, the same size in a different color, wait for backorder and rush the lenses, or do the same size different color but still order the backordered frame and switch it over to the preferred frame when it comes in. He won’t even let me finish over the phone, interrupting me the whole way, telling me it’s ridiculous we have to send it out, it’s ridiculous the frame is on backorder, and I try to identify with him and apologize because it’s out of our control and I just want to help him and do whatever will make him happy. Come in and choose a different frame, whatever. Nothing will work for this guy. “I came in and looked at all your frames and this is the one I chose.” “I can go to LensCrafters and have the glasses done in an hour” and I’m just like “well, I understand, but I can only give you these options, I’m sorry.” He cancels the order and I’m somewhat relieved because I don’t like dealing with people like him.

My boss called today saying he wrote an email to her about how he’s been a patient with us for 20 years and somehow that makes him deserving of preferential treatment.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been coming here your whole life or if this is your first time here, I’m going to help you as best I can no matter what.

So apparently now, my boss wants us to call him and offer him the different options that I already offered him. And I’m just like.... please, let him go somewhere else. I don’t want business from people like this, people that are rude and disrespectful do not deserve to be given special treatment.

Edit: thank you all for the validation. I knew I wasn’t alone in thinking like this but it’s nice to get into the echo chamber every now and again. One of my managers called him and is now trying to work it out with him with the help of the rep from the frame company, something that I couldn’t have done anyways. My boss has told me that I did the right stuff but that she still wants to give it a shot, which I appreciate. But once again, your validation feels good, lol. We’re all in this together!









I really hate 'validation'.

Got a call at AOhelL once where the goober kept demanding that I give him a new computer (Not something I could do at all; AOL never sold computers. There were some co-branded e-machines POSs that people were suckered into buying, but they were not sold BY AOL, they were sold THROUGH AOL.) because he'd been a customer for TEN YEARS!!!!!! and kept repeating it constantly, and claiming that if it was (CEO of AOL) I'd give him one.

I finally had enough, and having been depleted of crimson canines, told him that I don't care if you've had your account since it was New World Colonies On Line, or if it was created five minutes ago. You get the same support; there are things I can do and things I can't do, and one of the things I can't do is give you a 500$ computer from a different company, so you can either take the things I CAN do, or you can go away.
"But I've been a customer since--"
"Go away it is. Thank you for calling." (click)

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