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From Fireynay, Tales From Retail:

Ok, so this isn't my story because I wasn't in work at the time, but my colleague told me about it the next day and I felt it needed sharing here.

So I work for a supermarket and a few weeks back we had a major leak through the roof during a downpour of rain. The water was literally pouring in through the ceiling at the front of the store where the roof has it's weakest point. The fire alarm was pressed and evacuation procedures were started.

Except the customers were more interested in videoing the events, not wanting to stop shopping or not wanting to leave. One customer in particular asked my colleague if she could go back in because she had left her umbrella behind and "it's raining outside!" My colleague told her no because it wasn't safe inside, so she then asked if my colleague would go and get it for her! She was again refused and asked to continue to move outside where it was safer because there was concerns about the glass roof in the foyer.

I never understand why customers seem to have no regard for the safety of themselves or others during clear emergency situations!







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