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From  bacontendy31, Tales From Retail:

This happened yesterday and I’m still wondering how humanity has stooped so low. So for context I work at a store that has a fitting room and the store has compression wear, if you catch my drift...

So I’m working in the fitting room and there’s one person in line, they’re all full and this man is waiting patiently. In comes a woman maybe 60 or so and just WALKS in past the guy because apparently she’s more important than everyone else. She then “sees” the line and goes behind him... for about 30 seconds. This is when she goes and looks under each door and as someone’s leaving, this is the conversation that goes down.

I’ll be me. She will be Pain in my arse or PIMA for short.

Me: ma’am you can’t go looking under doors in a full dressing room and there’s a line. PIMA: But I’m checking to see if they’re full. Me: ... At this point someone walks out of a room, so I motion to patient guy. To which she goes “BUT THAT ROOM IS OPEN COME LOOK!

Internally I wanted to scream and say ‘YEAH BECAUSE SOMEONE JUST WALKED OUT!’ But I didn’t. I just said go. Go because you’re impatient. Patient guy gave me a high five.

And a bonus. Someone bumped into me and said “excuse you” I love people.

-- bacontendy31










So you rewarded her rudeness? Please everyone, don't give in to tantrums!

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