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From  heyjuliamarie Tales From Retail:

I work a fairly large national chain. On this particular day I was watching the fitting rooms. The rules for the fitting rooms are pretty simple; you can only bring in 6 items at a time. There's a similar limit pretty much anywhere you go.

This lady approached the fitting rooms with an armful of things. I told her what I tell everyone and informed her that she could only bring in 6 items at a time

Lady: But some of them are the same just different sizes.

Me: You can still only bring in 6 at a time.

Lady: Oh, so like I'm 12?

I didn't have an answer but she put her things down on the bench nearby and started counting out 6 items. Just then her friend walked up.

Lady: I'm only allowed 6 items, like I'm a child.

She eventually counted out her items and I let her into the room. I hung around the rooms, letting other people in, cleaning out rooms etc. She came out of her room at one point and saw 2 women sitting on the bench next to her pile. She picked up her pile and tossed it into her room. I waited to see if she was switching out some of her items but she closed the door. I approached the room and told her again the she could only have 6 items at a time.

Lady: Oh, ok.

She tosses out a few items but definitely not enough and at this point I don't get paid enough to care. She finishes up and heads to cash leaving me a nice crumpled pile in her room.

At this point I've already told everyone up at cash about her and after she left I got to hear the rest of the story. When she got up to cash she had more to say.

Lady: Who was the girl at the fitting rooms? She made my shopping experience very uncomfortable. I don't really want to buy these things because of her but I really like them so I'll gey them anyway.

She ended up asking for the managers name (who wasn't in that day) and, days later, I'm still waiting for her to call.

-- heyjuliamarie









In my fantasy world, dressing rooms lock when someone enters. To exit, they push a bell and the fitting room attendant opens the door and verifies that the room is clean (no wadded clothes, no dirty diapers, no wet pissing puddle, no other human waste, etc before the customer can exit. If the customer leaves a pile, they have to clean it up before being released.

If we have to have an emergency release (for fires and such), then there can be an emergency release button but it will sound a loud alarm and take a picture of the customer AND the dressing room when the door opens so that if they trashed the place then they can be denied service in the future.

I have a similar proposal about public toilet stalls.... the doors don't unlock until the toilet is flushed. If the person presses the emergency release button, a big alarm will sound so that people can look to see who is leaving without flushing.

Misty Meanor

How is a fitting room limit a children's thing? I don't understand.


She didn't like the limit, and it was making her throw a tantrum like a child, add customer logic and...

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