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From  Knever Tales From Retail:

Another tale from the game store. We've had a Clearance Sale for quite a while now with clearance collectible items (plushies, action figures, small toys, etc.) at 30% off, with signs posted as such. My boss made a small sign for a particular item, a big NERF gun, highlighting the deal. It's normally $100, the sign said, "$70 after discount!"

This happened on the day the sale changed to 50% off. I didn't get around to changing the signs, but I let people know if they appeared interested in the clearance items.

In comes a woman with her child. She walks around the store for a bit and notices the NERF gun. It piques her interest. I'm helping another customer as I see her study the sign my boss made (which is inaccurate at this point). I finish with my customer and go up to her, and before I can get a word out she says, "This is 30% off, right? This sign says so." I should have chosen my words better when I responded to her (but that still doesn't excuse her from lashing out).

"Oh, actually, it's not 30% off, it's-"

She cuts me off. "What do you mean?! It says right here! $70! You have to honor that!"

It's really annoying when people misuse "honor" when it comes to retail, but it didn't really matter, as I still hadn't properly explained the change in the deal.

"I'm sorry ma'am, let me explain-"

"No, there's no explanation needed. The sign says it's 30% off so you have to sell it to me for 30% off."

Now, I know what most of you are thinking. I should just placate her and ring it up, and manually increase the price in the computer by $20. But I didn't think she deserved that. Rather, she did deserve it, but I wasn't going to be the one to cheat her out of twenty bucks.

"Ma'am, I'm trying to explain something, can you please let me explain?"

"Fine, but I still want it for 30% off."

"Okay. So the 30% off deal changed to-"

"But it says right here!"

"MA'AM. Please. Let me finish."

She crosses her arms and stays silent, like whatever I'm going to say isn't going to change anything.

"The deal is now 50% off instead of 30% off. So it costs less than what is listed." The look on her face was one of supreme embarrassment. She still ended up buying it, but was so embarrassed that she didn't say anything else. Didn't even respond when I asked if she had a rewards cards (which she did, since I was the one who actually set her up).

I wish people weren't so impatient.

-- Knever










I'll be honest, at the second interruption I would have walked off. She doesn't want to listen, I have no obligation to explain.


Actually, I apologize. I keep saying things like "I wouldn't have put up with that," but I really can't judge. Text doesn't convey tone of voice well so I always read these thinking the customer is so exceedingly obnoxious, which they most likely are or this website wouldn't exist, but it's possible it isn't SOOOO bad at the time, and only after the interaction does the aggravation hit.


I don't put up with being interrupted repeatedly. Every time someone interrupts me on the phone, I stop talking longer and longer each time, until they shut up, then start over completely. Eventually they learn to STFU to listen to what the EXPERT THEY CALLED FOR HELP is telling them.

I would have said "Ok." and left after the second interruption.


After the second interruption I would have called my manager and let her rant at him. He deserves it.

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