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Grocery Store Hell: You all NEVER have any information on your seafood


Grocery hell 3

From  hppiefrk, Tales From Retail:

Place: seafood department of grocery store. I was there but working meat at the time; my seafood guy was behind seafood counter. Lady comes up, irate. I didn't hear the first part of the convo, but when I started paying attention here's how it went:

Irate Customer: "you never have any information on your shrimp"

Coworker: "what exactly did you want to know?"

Lady: "Well, where they're from, what the difference is, which is better?"

Coworker: "These are from Key West, they're medium, about 41 to 50 per pound. These over here are from Southern Georgia, they're jumbo, about 21 - 25 per pound. As for which is better, that is a matter of taste, they're both good....the Key West tend to be a bit sweeter."

Lady: "That's it? I told you, you people don't know your product. That's all the information you can give me? Ridiculous!"

Coworker: (looks at me, like wtf else does she want to know?) Turns to her and says "These Key West pink shrimp...they grew up in the lap of luxury. Two parents, only swam in the best schools. Easy life, they knew they were gonna turn out just fine without even trying. Kinda spoiled, they lived in the ritzy part of the ocean, had everything handed to them."

"Now these big guys, these are the Georgia boys. Single shrimp mom, did the best she could. They had to scrap and fight for every meal they got. They live in the rougher part of the sea...nothing handed to them, they had to work for everything they got. But some damn fine shrimp, I tell ya...look at the size of these suckers. You don't get that big by lounging about...these shrimp have nothing to be ashamed of. They may not be pretty and pink, but they are some damn good eating. And look at all they went through to land on someone's dinner plate."

I almost died laughing at the expression on this bitch's face. I mean really...besides size, where they're from, whether they've been frozen or not, and nutrional info, wtf was she expecting? I thought it was perfect. She did not, and stomped off.

-- hppiefrk






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