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From iggypop19 Tales From Retail:


If you see an employee working and you want to notify us that something you found is bad no problem. That's great that you want to let us know but understand that we can't drop everything in our hands this exact moment if we are busy to run over and start inspecting the supposedly bad products.

So a male customers comes up to me today (MC) and it goes like this:

MC: Hey these tomatoes are bad. Your tomatoes in this area are bad!! (Waves package in the air at me)

Me: No problem I'll notify the person working in that area to check them (starts walking with my hands full of cleaning supplies and no extra way to carry anything)

MC: Hey you didn't even look at them (waves tomato package at me again). Look they are bad! You aren't even looking see you kept walking. Look at them. Aren't you going to check them or do something?"

He then mimics my walk and makes a face at me and starts following another coworker who walked by into the back to whine at them about the bad tomatoes. Dude I literally said we would let the person who works in that area know but give us a moment. Once he started mocking me I had to walk away or it would have ended badly. I was this close.

I don't even work in that department that's why I said let us tell the people who work there. And even if I did work in that department you gotta give people a moment to finish what they are doing.

TLDR: Impatient guy tells employee produce is bad. Employee tells guy no problem we'll let the staff in that area know but guy doesn't like that. Guy mocks employee and expects employee to drop everything in their full hands to go inspect the display for a department that isn't even theirs. Guy acts like baby and chases after another employee who does the same thing as the first employee "we'll let the person working in that department know".

-- iggypop19








Just as an aside, why waste your time rewriting a story for lazy tl:dr folk? Either they are seriously lazy, and there's no reason to cater to that, or your story really did need to have some extraneous details cut out, and the TL:dr should have been the submitted version. You really don't need to spell it out twice.


Agree with Sandy60791966 - I've never understood having TLDR on entertainment blogs/websites. The point of them is to be entertained. If you strip out most of the story, what's the point of reading the column? I understand TLDR on sites where you need to retrieve facts/figures/data in a hurry such as news stories.


Apparently where these are coming from requires it because people have the attention span of concussed goldfiah.

Kai Lowell

It's Reddit. Explains it all.

McHell Manager

From what I heard, the TL,DR thing was meant to poke fun at people who cried over a "long" post. So someone types a long post, and then at the end of it, puts the TL,DR at the end, as a kind of "haha you have to read all of it anyways to get to this point" kind of thing


I started this last time, saying something like I'd write a 'too long, didn't read' longer than the original post, and Freddy (I think it was) said that'd get me banned from the reddit, that requires a summary. :P

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