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Tech Support Hell: Crumbs. Crumbs Everywhere



4 call center skullFrom Inventedthenumber0

I worked in IT for a Federal Government office for about two and a half years while in college.

One woman called, complaining that her mouse stopped working. I felt it was rather odd that an optical mouse would fail in under several years. So I went to check it out.

She was, apparently, a rabid muffin fanatic and managed to cake enough pastry under the mouse buttons and in the scroll wheel to render the unit useless.

I told her that she either needed to clean up her work station (and KEEP it clean of muffin crumbs), learn how to clean her mouse after every use, or resign herself to buying a new mouse every few months.

Guess which one she chose, and the first two don't count.



Justice Served: Being Bad Mouthed By Work Stealing Boss Gets A Turnaround


JUSTICE SERVED 1From TheGreatPastaWars, AskReddit

Two jobs ago, I had a boss that would always take credit for my work. I passed along my work to him for review, he'd pass it along to his superiors and he'd tell me that they liked what I had done, good job.

He eventually gets promoted, but me? Nada. He tells me to put in more time.

A couple months later, when he's out of the office, his superior comes to me and says, "Hey, so and so typically creates this report for us and he told me that no one else here could do it, but I was hoping you might take a look at this sheet and see if you can replicate it for this week's numbers."

I look at what he handed me and said, "Oh, yeah, I built that. I can have this for you in no time."

He looked at me strangely.

Well, turns out not only was he stealing my work, but he was badmouthing me. My boss’ boss was genuinely surprised that I could have come up with those reports because apparently I was just someone who was best suited for data entry.

Eventually, he realized that pretty much all the analysis he received was straight from me and not from my boss.

I ended up getting promoted, reporting directly to the director, and my boss, well, I don’t know what happened to him behind closed doors, but he kept his job but half his reports went to me. And by half, I mean two people, but hey, it was a start.



Benny Hill Provides Perfect Soundtrack for these Two Dumbass Thieves Trying to Avoid Arrest at a Convenience Store in Canada


From Slate:  The video above is so incredible that you may suspect it of being a viral hoax, but be assured that it is entirely real, depicting the eventful Monday arrest of a Canadian couple suspected of trying to use a stolen credit at a convenience store in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The original video doesn’t have sound, so we’ve added music that provides appropriate thematic enhancement. And, in case you get worried at any point about the risky behavior on display, rest assured that the police officer is holding a stun gun, not a handgun, and that no one involved was seriously hurt.

--



Retail Hell Memories: Embarrassing Moment at Game Store


Game store 1

From u/BaldBeeredandBeardly Tales From Retail:

I was working at a videogame store in the South. A tall, tanned, and extremely fit man walked in with his young daughter and asked for the latest hockey game. Now, I'm not usually much of a sports guy, but the Stanley Cup the previous year had been so incredible I wound up following the season and learning a lot about how the game is played. Eager to show off my newly acquired knowledge, as I walked with the customer to get the game, I started explaining all the new features this year.

Here's where I messed up. "Now, I don't know how much you know about hockey, but they really upped the board play mechanics this year..." I said, launching into the most technical description I could muster. The man returned a blank stare and a few of the most awkward seconds of silence I can remember. I realized that patronizing opening was a mistake. Just as I began to open my mouth to apologize, the man responded: "I play for [professional hockey team in the Northeast]." I was dumbfounded. I didn't believe him at first; this team was nearly 1,000 miles away! What would he be doing in this suburban southern town? The nearest pro team was ~150 miles away and even our local team was on the other side of the city.

Neither of us spoke another word as I checked him out. He wound up paying with a credit card, so a quick Google search after he left confirmed what I had feared. I had, in fact, just made a fool of myself in front of a professional NHL player and his daughter.