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Inspiring Customers: "What does the six stand for?"


Carolanne 005

From anotherknockoffcrow Tales From Retail:

I do a lot of cashiering, and while customers watch me ring they frequently ask about my tattoos, specifically several low-quality stick n pokes on my left arm that I did myself. They are all very personal and I did them all very drunk with the exception of a tattoo of six tally marks.

Today I was ringing out a middle aged couple when the man asked me what the six stood for. I don't always tell customers what my tats mean because too often they think I'm looking for a rude opinion but this guy had been polite so far, so I said, > "I did it on my sixth day sober. It helped me get to seven."

Immediately the guy lifted his left arm to show me a tattoo of roman numerals and said, > "This was for four years sober."

It really took me surprise as the coolest part of my day. As yall can probably relate to I go into a lot of interactions with customers dreading what they're going to say to me so it's awesome to have a moment like this instead.










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