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While I will at least say hi... when I'm out in the world, I don't want a friend. I want to get whatever I came in for, get my shit, and get out. I don't want people chirping at me about what a nice day it is, or isn't this imported Kazakhstan donkey shit fragrant today. Yes, you saw me, no I don't need any help. Don't ask me how my day was or if I found everything. Just tell me the total and let me go back to my den.


Saying hi is all we really need, we don't want to be looked through, looked down on or sneered at. We're just trying to do our jobs.

Unfortunately most of the questions we ask are forced on us. It's part of our job and in some cases can lead to losing it if we don't follow guidelines.

I'm told to say hi to people who pass me, just to show we're paying attention. That and potential shoplifters tend to think twice if the staff seem to be awake.


I know, that's why I included the 'yes you saw me' part. I did the same thing when I worked for the convenience stores / free ATMs.

Somewhat more effective in my case. :P I'm 6'3, the floor behind the counter was six inches above the rest of the store's floor and the cigarette rack over the counter, even cranked all the way up only came up to my chin, so people would walk in and I'd lean down to say hello...Made me look like I was 8 feet tall. For some reason I never got robbed...

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