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JUSTICE SERVED 1From TheGreatPastaWars, AskReddit

Two jobs ago, I had a boss that would always take credit for my work. I passed along my work to him for review, he'd pass it along to his superiors and he'd tell me that they liked what I had done, good job.

He eventually gets promoted, but me? Nada. He tells me to put in more time.

A couple months later, when he's out of the office, his superior comes to me and says, "Hey, so and so typically creates this report for us and he told me that no one else here could do it, but I was hoping you might take a look at this sheet and see if you can replicate it for this week's numbers."

I look at what he handed me and said, "Oh, yeah, I built that. I can have this for you in no time."

He looked at me strangely.

Well, turns out not only was he stealing my work, but he was badmouthing me. My boss’ boss was genuinely surprised that I could have come up with those reports because apparently I was just someone who was best suited for data entry.

Eventually, he realized that pretty much all the analysis he received was straight from me and not from my boss.

I ended up getting promoted, reporting directly to the director, and my boss, well, I don’t know what happened to him behind closed doors, but he kept his job but half his reports went to me. And by half, I mean two people, but hey, it was a start.





Ha! Serves him right!

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